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Professional mold removal services

Professional mold removal services

We are mold experts, we follow hospital standards in both residential and commercial settings. With a greater concern than ever for our living environments, be careful who you choose to care for your home.

About our professional mold removal services

Our mold specialist team is educated and trained to help you with all your mold cleanup services requests. We are a proudly Canadian local remediation company that has been serving the restoration market for more than 15 years and with this experience and our hospital standards certification we are dedicated to providing the best service every job that we do. Our technicians are ready to visit your site and:

After the first report is created, our mold restoration project is ready to start. All our projects can be completed following the steps listed below:

Mould treatment method

After identifying the problem, our team will suggest the best treatment for your home. We operate always having in mind the safety of the occupants and seriousness of this type of job in an occupied environment that we might best serve the needs of our clients.

Our team is trained by a mold expert, certified and with over 20 years of experience. Our technicians can treat all types of mold, including black mold removal, to bring your home back to safety.

We only start our mold abatement process after the rest of the area is secure from particle release during any part of the process. We will build up containment barriers that will divide the affected area from the rest of the house and include a HEPA filtered negative air unit to draw anything airborne from the living space, this way all your family members will be safe during the removal and rebuild or renovation process.

After exposing, removing and treating the affected area, our team also performs a final clean on the place. We are very concerned with the final clean, delivering your place in better condition than when we arrived is one of our main goals. To make sure that this will happen we documentate with photos how the place is organized before we start the work and we will make sure to give it back to you in the same condition or better.

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House Mold Removal

Mold - it’s a common problem that almost everyone has in their house. It can be caused by a number of factors, but the three most common ones are:

  1. Water Damage: Toilet overflow, tap/sink overflow, dishwasher leak, failed grout from tiled tub surround, tuber overflow, failed tub ring seal and failed toilet ring seal.
  2. Water Ingression:: Roof leak, drain backup, sewer backup, toilet backup, toilet overflow, crack in foundation, drain water overflow.
  3. High vapour pressure:: Around windows, lack of ventilation and shower steam.

All those factors mentioned above can end up creating a number of mold related problems in your home and also to your health.

Health problems caused by mold:

Exposure to mold can cause several diseases, that’s why it is always important to always keep your living space free of mold toxins. The symptoms will appear more noticable on some people with allergies to mold spores and, some species, for example black mold, can even be fatal.

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Steps to request a free mould treatment quote:

Your job can receive a quote online, within 24 hours. In order to be able to best serve you with a free estimate, please provide us with your contact information and a member of our team will get in touch with you to start your free online quote.

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