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Mold - Air Quality Test

Mold - Air Quality Test

Mold do not always leave visible signs; air quality test - it’s a powerful weapon to identify if there are mold spores in the air.

Mold Air Sampling

Living inside an environment that is infested with mold can cause a number of problems. Not only is your house affected by those spores, your body also can be damaged by those invisible agents. Air quality test for mold is a way to identify if there are any mold spores in the air of your living space.

The best way to protect yourself, your family and your home is to prevent it. We can help you with this matter, our team is formed by mold specialist technicians that can help you with all your house mould air test needs.

Mold Spore Test, Why It's Important

We all know that mold is usually linked with an image of a black mark on your house walls but this is not the only way that it can affect your home. All types of mold can manifest their presence by releasing spores in the air and the worst part is those spores are invisible!

Let’s imagine the following scenario: You and your family start to experience some health problems like stuffy nose and a wheezing chest, out of nowhere. No one knows what is causing these symptoms and there are no visible mold presence Anywhere to indicate that this is the source of the problem.

This is what usually happens when your structure is affected but there is no visible sign of it. Mold air quality tests can be a powerful weapon to help you in these situations. The results will show you the level and what type of spores are in your living space, black mold can also be identified on the test.

The results will provide you the right path to follow, pointing to which direction you should pursue to bring your place back to safety.

Mold Spore Air Test Service

Our technicians are trained and educated to follow the CCA Z-317 hospital standards even on sampling services; let’s take a look over the steps to complete your mold air quality test:

As soon as we receive your order, our team will contact you and book a time to perform a mold air quality test.

In this phase our team will prepare for your test. Following our hospital standards, all tools are cleaned and disinfected before entering your place.

On the day and time scheduled, our technicians will visit your house to collect the required samples.

Our sampling service includes testing the room in question: we collect a sample from the affected area and one from the ambient environment outside to compare the mold levels.

After the results are released, our team will send you the file, followed by a call with our general manager that will educate and orientate you with the required next steps. Additional tests can be requested as required.

Steps to Request A Mold Air Test Service Quote:

We can quote your needs online, please provide us with your contact information and a member of our team will contact you to give you a quote.

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