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Sewer and drain
flood cleanup


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It’s everyone's nightmare to wake up and find your living space flooded with sewer water. How we help you:

Sewer and drain flood cleanup service process:

Flood are situations where an emergency response should occur. You should never let the water sit and just wait before taking action, it can cause severe damage to the house’s structure and also will get your place infected with all kinds of health damaging agents.

Our team is ready to respond to your call and get your place treated and disinfected right away, please check our process:

We will answer your call and address it to one of our managers.

Our manager will answer questions and upon approval visit and assess your place

Write down all the required steps to bring your place back to safety.

If it’s applicable, we will set up your job site following our hospital standards.

With all required tools, we will drain and disinfect the affected area.

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Sewage damage cleanup

Sewer system backups are big responsibilities when it contaminates your living environment. The water that comes out from sewer backups is dirty and contaminated with all kinds of bad bacteria, which has the potential to be harmful to human health.

Once this type of water is released, a proper cleanup and disinfection, especially for unreachable areas, is required to bring your place back to safety. Precautions are also required to be able to keep everyone safe. It’s important to remember that when you have this type of problem you should:

Not only are these precautions required, the correct use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and proper protocols are also very important to bring your house back to safety.

Our team has been serving the Canadian market for over 25 years and we are experts when it comes to clean-up and disinfecting from sewer flood water, always following and applying our hospital standards to your place. Our technicians are trained and have the best equipment to help and serve you in the best way possible.

Sewage and drain flood water health risks:

People can be affected by sewage and drain floods, not only the place is contaminated but some types of water can also be a threat to human health.

Raw sewage water presents a number of gases that when inhaled can be very harmful to our health, like for example: Hydrogen sulfite, Carbon dioxide, Methane and Chlorine. People exposed to those gases can have sickness, disorientation and even death (it’s always important to remember, the use of PPE is obligatory before dealing with any sewer water).

Pathogenic organisms are also found in sewer water. Those inside our body are harmless but when they are expelled and ingested again it can become a problem. When ingested by a human, those pathogenic organisms can cause diseases and be very harmful to human health.

Example of pathogenic organisms:




Prevention is always the best way to avoid such situations. Remember to always have your house inspected and if a flood occurs contact a professional to help you solve the problem.

How to request a emergency response to your place:

We have a team of professionals that are ready to receive your call, address it as fast as possible, guide you to safety and bring your home back to a healthy state. If you have a pressing emergency please call our emergency response line and our team will get back to you within two hours.

PLEASE DIAL: (604) 838-8808 for emergency response.

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