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Asbestos Testing Service

Asbestos Testing Service

After asbestos was used in housing materials, a lot of people's health got compromised due to this mineral affecting human health. Nowadays we are dealing with this problem and if your place is built before the 1990's it is BC Law to test your place for asbestos before starting any renovation or repair work.

Residential Asbestos Testing

When you are living in an environment that is contaminated with asbestos you and your family are breathing fibres that are highly dangerous to your health. In the long term it can even cause cancer and be fatal to humans.

Asbestos particles when agitated become air-borne and can be a serious problem, so if you choose to begin renovation or repair work always make sure to test it (drywall, vinyl sheet, drywall joint compound, etc.) before the job starts. If not tested and released in the air,it will become a bigger problem and threat to your health.

If your place was built before 1990 you have the possibility of testing positive for asbestos. When this happens a stricted plan for remediation is required. We have been serving the Canadian market for over 15 years and our hospital standards protocols are in place to make sure that everyone is safe during any testing, renovation or repair work.

Our process is smooth and communication is one of our main values. We will keep you updated on every step of the process.

Commercial asbestos testing

Serving the canadian market for over 15 years, we routinely initiate jobs where the contaminated area is a commercial site. The health and safety of everyone working in these places is paramount and it's essential to prioritize the best health and safety practices to prevent a potential problem by having your place tested and having asbestos management documentation available at all times.

We can help you with all your needs of asbestos testing services, we have the right equipment and our team follows strict hospital standards on every single job site.

Professional asbestos bulk sampling testing services

We are trained to help you with all your asbestos testing services. From air quality to bulk sampling, our team is ready to respond to your call.

Asbestos bulk sampling services are essential to everyone who is planning to renovate, rebuild or repair places built before the 1990's. Asbestos can be found on several materials, such as:

After collecting the samples our team will get your results back to you in three business days. Emergency asbestos services can also be requested, you can have your results as fast as 4 business hours.

Professional asbestos air quality testing services

After agitation asbestos particles will spread in the air and will contaminate your working space and affect your health. The most effective way to know if your air it's contaminated or not is to have it tested. Air quality of the environment should also be tested during removal and at the end of any asbestos job that WCB considers High Risk.

We are professionals and ready to help you with your asbestos air testing needs. We will apply our hospital standards during the service and have your results back to you within three business days.

Asbestos: what it is and how it became a problem

Asbestos is a heat-resistant fibrous silicate mineral that was commonly used as a constituent of regular house build materials, for example: Drywall sheets, vinyl products, drywall mud compound and others. When it first was discovered in Canada, 1870's Quebec, Asbestos minerals quickly became part of our economy.

After years of use on development and construction of buildings, houses, commercial lots and others, in 1976 asbestos got banned by WHO and ILO, due to the threat to human health. It became a serious problem. Asbestos presents health effects long after exposure and is the number 1 cause of death on the fatalities list of the WCB website.

Asbestos health problems

Asbestos can cause a number of serious diseases that can even lead to death. Here are the 03 most common diseases that it can cause:

Steps to request a asbestos testing service:

It's easy to request your asbestos testing service, please fill out the form below and our team will get in touch with you in the next 24hours. Or you can also reach us at: (604)838-8808, we are available to help you anytime.

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