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With over 50 years of combined experience,
we get the job done right.

Our Story

We had three main principles when we started: Learning, Study, and Practice.
We stand by those principles and they are at the core of Masters Remediation Services

Learning: from the ground up it is a long hard road to perfecting what you do. We continue to learn new things every day, and grow the industry by implementing new techniques

Study: is needed to define the terms and conditions, and to implement actions to move you to your end goal. We study each case and client we get, and work on ways to improve, so that we make the process even better next time

Practise: is employed to obtain skills to complete predetermined outcomes with greater ease. Our staff is very skilled and it's due to the practise that is done behind the scenes that we are able to achieve the best result for you.

We have the dirty work covered

Whether it's mold remediation, emergency asbestos removal or testing, responding to a flood, setting up containment systems to protect the client, or site decontamination we do it with excellence!

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