When Is a Free Inspection on Visible Mold Recommended?

A free inspection is advised when you see mold growing in parts of your home or office and need to know how to get rid of it permanently. A free inspection will help us identify the extent of of the outbreak and often time the hidden cause behind the outbreak.

What If No Mold Is Visible, but You Smell Mold or Feel Sicker in the House than Outside?

A mold outbreak is not always visible. It could be hidden within the walls, floor, ceiling, etc. That mold can lower the quality of air in the house and can make you quite sick.

An air quality test for Mold identifies with accuracy the extent of the mold outbreak and the type of mold, and helps us determine the risks to your health and that of your family.

For this test, air samples are taken inside the house and outside for comparison.

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When Should You Test the Air for Mold?

You should test the air for mold when…

  • smelling mold, but can’t see any.
  • you notice a musty basement smell in your home.
  • you feel the air quality is bad and experience health issues.
  • you feel more ill in the house than when you’re outside.
  • you have bad air quality and see signs of mold.

Important Reasons for Air Quality Testing

The only method of truly classifying risks to personal health and property is by identifying the type of mold present. This can be achieve with air quality testing for mold.

  • It is the only way we can truly discern what types of mold are growing in an area of the home.
  • It is the only way we can truly determine the severity of the contamination.
  • It identifies any possible health risks and issues occurring in the home that may be attributed to the mold.
  • Assists in determining the cause of the growth and what may be required to remove the mold.

What If You Have a Mold Infestation?

sealIn the event that you need mold remediation, We have a unique natural, anti-microbial, formula that kills microbes and prevents mold from growing in the affected area forever for as long as the formula remains on the surface. This natural formula is safe for kids, seniors and pets. The best part is it can be applied in one step for the same price that competitors charge for only cleaning the mold, and comes with a transferable 25-year no-mold warranty.

Are There Times When Insurance Can Cover Mold Remediation?

While insurance companies do not cover mold remediation, they do cover water damage restoration. 40% of our living space mold projects obtain insurance coverage by utilizing our expertise. We have a lot of experience working with insurance companies. During our free inspection, we are often able to spot whether your mold problem is caused by water damage from a water leak that can be covered by your insurance.

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