Our Certifications and Track Record Qualifies Us to Work With Every Type of Insurance Company in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley – and We Have!

We are a skilled local restoration company that will work extra hard to deliver more than you expected in typically half the time than other restoration companies take to finish a restoration project.

Our BBB A+ Rating and online reviews are proof or our quality of work.

How We Help With Your Insurance

You legally have final say on which restoration company to use to restore your home… not your insurance company.

With 50 years in combine experience, and a master restorer with over 25 years of experience working with insurance companies, we’ve learned how to maximize your claim so you not only get your home fully restored from water damage with our unique 25-year no-mold warantee, but maybe even have your home upgraded.

Call us and let us tell you how we can help you with your claim: (604) 838-8808.

Does Your Insurance Have a Preferred Restoration Company?

As the property owner, you legally have final say on which restoration company to use to restore your house – not your insurance company, * See statutory conditions of insurance coverage in Canada.

Insurance companies have preferred restoration companies that have typically grown national. Unfortunately, as a restoration company grows national and their new business is guaranteed by insurance companies without having to earn it, their quality of work can suffers, and just as importantly, they all-too-often lose their ability to effectively manage the various trades.

That is why so many home owners experience several days of down time during their restoration, adding weeks and months to a project.

Our company is big enough to take on commercial size projects, but we are strictly local and small enough to keep quality high and ensure there is little to no downtime during your restoration.

We typically finish in 6 weeks what preferred restoration companies take 12 to 24 weeks to finish by being efficient and managing the trades with no down time – and we bill your insurance directly.

Our inspections, testing and restoration work is done following the standards set by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification AND the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act as well as the Canadian Standards Association. We photograph and document all damages found so you and your insurance have all that documentation.