About Our Mold Services

Briefly About Our Process

In order to guarantee your safety and the quality of our work, we follow the standards set by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification AND the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) and Canadian Standards Association for all our testing, inspection and restoration work. We don’t cut corners.

First step is to call us for a free estimate: (604) 838-8808. We’ll then give you an estimate to inactivate the mold and ssterilize the surface so the mold never comes back again for as long as our sterilant remains. We provide a 25-year warranty on our work.

About Our Fees – We Guarantee Best Value for Your Dollars

For the same cost others only inactivate the mold, we inactivate it and sterilize the surface so no mold can ever grow there again for as long as our sterilant remains. Final cost depends on the square footage. Call us for a free estimate.

Our sterilant is an organic non-toxic formula that is safe for your family, including kids and pets. You can remain in the house during treatment.

Mold Services

  • Inactivates mold and sterilizes the surface permanently
  • Two-step non-invasive process,
  • Free inspection on visible mold.
  • Air quality testing for mold.
  • Organic non–toxic sporaside & and anti-microbial spray that inactivate mold on contact, which is guaranteed to keep mold for 25 years – we have an actual guarantee.
  • Mold removal.
  • Repairs and restoration if needed.
  • Packing and storing if needed (furniture and belonging).
  • Preferred real estate agent program.

About Our Credentials

  • Over 25-years’ experience master restorer – 50 years in combined experience.
  • Trained and certified technicians (water damage, asbestos & mold.)
  • Our staff is trained and have been certified by IICRC & AHERA.
  • The staff is trained on the Canadian Standards Association procedures in containment isolation.
  • BBB A+ accredited.
  • Thousands of successful jobs completed. See reviews on Yelp & Google+.
  • $5 million insured and bonded. We carry general insurance as well as Asbestos and pollution liability.


(Someone is available to answer the phone 24/7 for Emergencies)

When Should You Test for Mold?

If you smell mold, notice a musty smell in your home or have had water damage left to dry on its own, then don’t take chances and test for mold even if no mold is visible. There may be mold in the air that can severely affect your health.

If you see some mold on walls or around windows then we also recommend you get a free inspection on the visible mold. We have a few types of inspections, which include non-intrusive instruments that can tell us if moisture has reached within your walls, creating a breeding ground for mold. Call us for more details at (604) 838-8808.

How Long Does it Take to Remove Mold?

Application of our formula typically takes less than a day; however, depending on your situation, we might need to remove parts of a wall to access the contaminated area, which adds time to the project. We make sure you are kept informed every step of the way.

Are There Times When Insurance Can Cover Mold Restoration?

While insurance companies do not cover mold remediation, they do cover water damage restoration. 60% of our living space mold projects obtain insurance coverage by utilizing our expertise. We have a lot of experience working with insurance companies. During our free inspection, we are often able to spot whether your mold problem is caused by water damage from a water leak that can be covered by your insurance.

Are You a Real Estate Agent?

We have a preferred program which gives real estate agents and their clients extra perks.

Click here to learn more about the Real Estate Agent Preferred Program.