About Our Asbestos Testing

In order to guarantee your safety and quality of work, we follow the standards set by the IICRC, AHERA, and more importantly WorkSafe BC.

  • Our Technicians are experienced and trained in asbestos testing.
  • We know where asbestos could lurk in your home, based on the year of construction, so we know what to test.

About Our Credentials

  • Over 25-years’ experience master restorer – 50 years in combined experience.
  • Trained and certified technicians (water damage, asbestos & mold.)
  • Our staff is trained and have been certified by IICRC &
  • The staff is trained on the Canadian Standards Association procedures in containment isolation.
  • BBB A+ accredited.
  • Thousands of successful jobs completed. See reviews on Yelp & Google+.
  • $5 million insured and bonded. We carry general insurance as well as Asbestos and pollution liability.



When Should You Suspect and Test for Asbestos

Asbestos was widely used in construction until the late 1980s, when asbestos began to be recognized as a health risk.

If your Vancouver-area home was built in 1993 or earlier, there’s a chance you’ll have asbestos in the drywall, adhesives, insulation, vinyl flooring, or in a number of other places throughout your home. It’s important to have your property checked for asbestos, especially if you plan to renovate.

In an inert form, asbestos is not harmful, but when a building contaminated with asbestos is remodeled or painted, the asbestos is disturbed and can release microscopic pieces of asbestos fibers into the air, which are extremely dangerous to inhale.

Asbestos can create little spear-like crystals that can puncture the tissues of the lungs. When people breathe in these fibers, they are at a higher risk of developing a gamut of serious respiratory conditions and health problems with symptoms such as breathing difficulties, decreased appetite, pains in the chest, persistent cough, and wheezing, asbestosis and even more severe issues such as lung cancer and Mesothelioma. These diseases are caused by the asbestos fibers that lodge in the lungs as time passes.

It may take several years of exposure to asbestos before a person develops serious health problems, however, if you aren’t aware you have disturbed it and it is now airborne, you risk long-term exposure to yourself and your family.

It’s a good idea to test a new home purchase if the house was built before 1993 in case the previous owners inadvertently disturbed the asbestos.